Anonymous asked:

Actually, megamans leaf sheild is quite good for offense. Having it out makes you have 3 hitboxes around you at all times, and they are still active during sheild, roll or spot dodge, so your roll is an invincible attack.

Solid point! however that also means you can’t use regular jabs or side tilt because that will launch the leaf shield.
AAAND leaf shield only lasts 3 seconds(i did a solid 1 time test)
and its 4 hit boxes you silly ;p

exquisitecrps asked:

Thoughts on Mega Man? I've been having a blast with him lately. That up-air is so damn satisfying

Haha, tbh i haven’t played much of him to give an decent opinion but here we go. don’t hate me ;c

i pretty much hate all of his tilts . his up tilt isn’t that bad but it just has lots of lag along side of it.
His regular ‘jab’ or buster doesn’t feel that satisfying but all of his smashes are just SO EXCELLENT.
Leaf Shield seems lack luster to me as well but maybe its cause im awful. ;p

staruppercut asked:

Link is easily the best person in the demo, he feels so good now and plays like a dream. His jab combo feels nice and solid too, like it's such a good way to build percentage.

I’d agree with you but, you said in the demo… Link is the mother fucking master of time. Wielder of the Master Sword. Nigga with the Triforce of COURAGE. IF YOU DON”T THINK LINK IS THE BADDEST THEN YOU WRONG.
(Yes he feels amazing. c; but i keep throwing my chain when i attempt to l cancel LOL. and apparently if you catch the boomerang it does more dmg the next time you throw it?)